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Grid Computing with Oracle Database 11g

Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

Carl W. Olofson
March 2008


The IT world is in the midst of a sea change in how computing resources are
managed. The previously normative models based on program code assigned to
fixed assets are being replaced by models based on flexible code deployment and
resource assignment. A new model has emerged based on a shared infrastructure,
where the underlying physical hardware is abstracted from the application and logical
resources built by aggregating or disaggregating the physical resources that are used
for application deployment. This shared infrastructure, also known as grid computing,
provides many benefits to today’s IT operations. The benefits of grid computing in
general, and Oracle’s exploitation of it in Oracle Database 11g, are:

  • Ending the paralysis that results from having computer and storage systems locked down on specific applications, databases, and files
  • Enabling operations and administrative staff to flexibly assign compute and storage resources as needed, enabling them to avoid locked-down and overprovisioned resources
  • Providing a means for easily assigning and tuning resources to meet the business’ service levels
  • Reducing cost and enhancing business agility by more effective utilization of resources using commodity hardware

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